• The Valdas Adamkus Presidential Library-Museum


  • The main purpose of the Library-Museum

  • The Library-Museum is not only for dramatically reliving that history, but also for critically discussing, and learning from, it. As its three founders—Vytautas Magnus University, the City of Kaunas Municipality, and President Valdas Adamkus himself—fully realize, a country dies when it neglects its history. But it lives on, and flourishes, when its young people study its heritage; become aware not only of its great deeds and achievements but also of its mistakes and malfeasances; and motivated by this double awareness move on to fashion a better, more prosperous and equitable future without betraying the values that underlie its historical accomplishments.

    It is in the hope of becoming such a venue of reliving, learning, and creating that the Valdas Adamkus Library-Museum has been initiated. It will be a place, uniting those, who, like Valdas Adamkus, live by the ideas of liberal democracy, open society and freedom.

    The founders—Vytautas Magnus University and the City of Kaunas Municipality are hoping to fund all the ongoing and future projects of the Library-Museum by donations of volunteers, interested in the Library-Museum. Your donations are very important to the Valdas Adamkus Presidential Library-Museum. Therefore, we invite you to become a part of this exclusive project! We are very greatful in advance for everyone who will or already took part in the development of this place of historical heritage.